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Real-time social media insights to grow your brand, analyze your competitors and keep up with trends. Trigly gives you the tools and know-how to grow your brand faster.

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Radars NEW

Radars scan TikTok, Instagram and Twitter in real time for mentions, hashtags, keywords or URLs you choose and after collecting and analysing the results, they create custom metrics for you.

Automatic Sentiment Analysis
Automatic AI-Powered sentiment analysis of every post detected.

Custom Metrics
See in details the reach, impressions, most influential and active posts.

Historical Data
Retrieve historical data from any date range, hashtag, account or keyword.

trigly's twitter radar
trigly's twitter radar


Triggers listen for social media updates from accounts you set and as soon as they detect a new update they create a snapshot and notify you in real-time.

Real-Time Notifications
As soon as our systems detect a new post you will be notified.

Multiple Platform Support
Triggers work for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts.

Snapshots of new posts are captured and stored in your account.

Story Catcher

Our Story Catcher listens for new stories from accounts you choose and upon detecting a new story it automatically downloads it and makes it available in your account.

Real-Time Story Catcher
Stories are detected in real-time and made available to you in your account.

AI-Powered Video Sentiment Analysis BETA
When our systems detect a new video story, they make a real-time sentiment analysis.

Instagram and Snapchat Support
Stories represent the next major stage of how we share things with each other online.

trigly's story catcher


Trigly offers multiple features and special integrations based on the plan you choose with us. Feel free to contact us if you require a special plan or integration.

Multiple Platforms

Trigly fully supports Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Any social media account can be monitored and tracked.


Be notifed from 5 min to real-time according to your plan.


Be notified via SMS, Email or HTTP POST request.


Detailed logs of new tweets and posts are available in your account.


Screenshots of new posts or tweets as soon as they're detected.


Automatic sentiment analysis of captured social media posts.


Our support team is available 24/7 to make sure triggers are always up and running.

Use Cases

See it for yourself why Trigly is an essential tool for the social media era we live in today.

Trigly helps you monitor what is said about your competitors online and stay ahead of them.

Build up a hive of significant data and analytics for both new competitors and known ones. Tune your methodology and recognize positioning gaps.


Over 80% of consumers do not tag a brand when mentioning them on social media. Trigly helps you to avoid missing crucial posts.

Track and monitor your customer reviews about your services, products or competitors.


When looking for the best influencers to work with, are you tired of seeing the usual suspects?

Discover genuine micro-influencers and analyze your most effective brand advocates with Trigly.


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