How Social Media Impacts the Stock Market

Posted by Thomas on

The development of data intelligence technology has given us the ability to process and investigate huge measures of informations, which implies we are now able to test Kostolany's intuition that markets are profoundly affected by emotional responses. By observing and examining data from social media sources—particularly with regard to correspondence about stocks — it's presently conceivable to come to an obvious conclusion regarding sentiment and market movements.

Like most different industries, the financial industry conveys by sharing data and information through the Internet and, in the end, via social media. Individuals interacting on social media produce emotional information data by communicating their feelings and opinions through tweets, discussion posts, and blogs. They likewise consume it, and in the process are affected by the sentiments, opinions, and feelings communicated by others. Logical examinations show that individuals are regularly impacted by the information they consume, and that their choices or actions are partly lined up with it. There are numerous instances of Twitter being utilized to broadcast information that triggers emotional market reactions in a flash.

Emotional information mined from social media can be utilized in different manners for market surveillance. See it yourself how Trigly can help the financial sector to monitor and surveil the market in real-time.

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